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Composite Engineering is a design, engineering and project management consultancy specialising in carbon fibre composite structures.

We can provide you with expertise and innovative technology designed to increase your performance and profitability. Let us help you to leave the competition behind.

Our know how is fundamental to the success of numerous leading edge applications, from Formula One grand prix cars to racing yachts.

Whilst they might not attract media headlines in quite the same way, we produce equally innovative solutions for industrial applications, where the unique properties of carbon composite structures have been exploited to overcome the limitations of steel and other metals.

Our approach is marked out by thoroughness and feet-on-the-ground practicality.

It is based on simultaneous engineering: we engineer structures that not only meet or beat a client's functional performance criteria, they are designed to ensure efficient production.

We can be relied on for right-first-time solutions that meet the most demanding standards in the shortest possible timeframe. (Although when you have a racing car structures track record like ours that is not really surprising.)

Many of the projects that benefit from our expertise have to remain secret. They are subject to confidentiality agreements. This is perfectly understandable as in most cases they directly contribute to helping clients to secure competitive advantage.

Projects invariably involve helping clients to achieve technical and performance breakthroughs in ways that entail expanding the envelope and venturing into what in some situations may be relatively uncharted territory. But the last thing a client wants is to be looking into a budgetary black hole.

This is another of the areas that benefits from our depth and breadth of experience. It helps to ensure potential design and production problems and challenges are properly foreseen and that not only are feasibility studies realistic, they are followed by accurate costing's and quotations.

With Composites Engineering, as well as being fully confident about satisfying performance, function and manufacturing requirements, you are also assured of the expertise necessary to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

Thank you for visiting our website and if there is a question you'd like to raise or a project you'd like to discuss, please contact me directly by e-mail or if you would prefer you can use this form.

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