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Carbon Fibre Composite Structures Project Management, Design and Engineering

Carbon Fiber Composite Structures Design, Engineering and

Composites Engineering is a Project Management, Design and Engineering Consultancy specialising in the development of Advanced Composite Structures.

When you bring your project to us we have the expertise and knowledge your project demands, we will never ask you to invest in reinventing the 'wheel'.

Our approach is marked out by thoroughness and feet-on-the-ground practicality. It is based on simultaneous engineering; we engineer structures that not only meet or beat a client's functional performance criteria, they are designed to ensure efficient production.

The consultancy is entirely independent of composite component manufacturers, the advantage this provides is that a specific composites manufacturing technology is chosen, one that is ideally suited to your project.

Today there is a considerable range of technologies available as opposed to simply adopting prepreg technology, in some cases this may be appropriate however we have extensive knowledge of all the alternatives and we will recommend the most efficient manufacturing process for your project.

With Composites Engineering, as well as being fully confident about satisfying performance, function and manufacturing requirements, you are also assured of the expertise necessary to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

We can provide you with expertise and innovative technology designed to increase your performance and profitability.

Let us help you to leave the competition behind.

Services we provide to our clients

Services we can provide for carbon fiber component design and engineering

Project Management

Project management


Ascari A410 LMP Chassis FIA Testing


Hybrid vehicle chassis 3D CAD model

Design and Engineering

Ascari A410 LMP Sports Racing Car

Computer Aided Design

Aircraft Composite Seat 3D CAD Model


Carbon Fibre Prepreg

Patterns and Moulds

Carbon Fibre Mould

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

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